What Manjit Minhas wants entrepreneurs to know

What Manjit Minhas wants entrepreneurs to know

At the young age of 19, with $10,000 and no business experience, Manjit Minhas set out to start her own private-label liquor company with her brother Ravinder Minhas. This type of bold action and risk-taking is characteristic of a rare class of business people – entrepreneurs. “The reason why entrepreneurs make up 1 per cent of the population is because we are willing to do what 99 per cent of the other people are not willing to do,”says Minhas as she confidently showcases her expanding manufacturing facility. The Beer Baroness, CBC Dragon, Mother and Wife sat down to share with us what she has learned from her journey as a women entrepreneur and what she wants other women entrepreneurs to know.


: ATB Financial

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December 6th, 2018

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