Manjit Minhas is the biggest beer baron you’ve never heard of—yet

Manjit Minhas is the biggest beer baron you’ve never heard of—yet

Creator of over 100 beer brands, Manjit Minhas talks to Canadian Business

Manjit has been in the beer business for over a decade. Together Manjit and her brother Ravinder Minhas, have created countless beer brands. Manjit was recently interviewed by the Canadian Business magazine.

Here is an excerpt :
Manjit Minhas loves beer. Ales are her favourite, particularly wheat and red. And she knows her stuff: Before launching the brewing operation, she went to “beer school” at Chicago’s Siebel Institute of Technology. Whenever she goes out, she samples what’s on offer, wondering whether she can get that restaurant or bar to switch to her product. It drives her husband crazy. “Can’t you just enjoy it without analyzing everything?” he asks her. “Have water!”

Once you get Manjit talking about beer mouth feel and sweetness levels, her somewhat intimidating demeanour quickly warms up. Over dinner at an upscale Toronto restaurant (she opts for a cosmopolitan, perhaps to avoid beer comparisons), she cheerfully chatters away, her voice sometimes rising into girlish squeals and teen-speak.


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June 22nd, 2015

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